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The aim of this International conference is to bring participants from North, Central and South America together, as well as from other regions where tropical diseases are prevalent, to discuss new approaches to combat neglected tropical diseases. Another purpose is to elevate the awareness of neglected tropical diseases, particularly in Latin America, as well as to stimulate medicinal chemists in these countries to conduct research in the field by making contacts between laboratories in America and other parts of the world. With the latter in mind, one to one meetings between participants will be arranged.

All information regarding News, Venue, Invited Speakers, Program, Abstracts, Registration, Travel, Lodging, Sponsors and Contacts will be availiable shortly on this site.

Conference Areas

Biology and pathogenesis of the pathogens, diseases and hosts.

Molecular targets-based and structure-based medicinal chemistry approach to maintain healthy drug-discovery pipelines.

Monitoring, containment and treatment of drug resistant cases.

Bench to bedside translational research to evaluate new drugs and drug combinations.

Socioeconomic and public awareness programs in neglected tropical parasitic diseases.

Opportunities to develop multidisciplinary programs and current funding opportunities

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Dr. Marc Ouellette – Université Laval, Québec, Canada

Dr. Rick Tarleton – University of Georgia

Dr. Mariano García Blanco – UT Medical Branch/Duke

Dr. Dale J. Kempf – Distinguished Research Fellow at AbbVie

Dr.Robert M. Greenberg – Research Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania

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2nd International Conference on Global Challenges in Neglected Tropical Diseases
June 25-27, 2018, The Condado Plaza Hilton, San Juan, Puerto Rico

International Advisory Board

Babu L. Tekwani  - The University of Mississippi (btekwani@olemiss.edu)

Rafael Balaña Fouce  - University of León, León, Spain (rbalf@unileon.es)

Néstor M. Carballeira - University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, PR (nestor.carballeira1@upr.edu)

Adelfa E. Serrano Brizuela - University of Puerto Rico-School of Medicine (adelfa.serrano@upr.edu)

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